This is a body that administers a particular country or community. It is usually there to control the activities of the adherents and come up with the resolutions to the people who do break it. The ruling is used to bring about concord and also to regulate people behavior. So many people usually practice law. If people break law, they are taken in a court of justice to get the necessary judgment. The people who work in a court are; the judges who provide the final say in the court of law they give the ruling, the lawyer from who defends the defendant and the one taking the accused to the tribunal of law, law enforcement officers who stand to make sure the accused does not misbehave. There are also the court clerks who write the minutes and all other necessary steps in the court, and also they act as the secretaries and record down the cases that are to happen from time to time. Law is critical in our day to day activities. In this case, I choose to look at the roles of law in society.


Law plays an important indirect role in the regard of social change by shaping a direct impact on society. By this I mean what is implemented in a society people term it to be right and true and they choose to follow it. A good example is the education system; it is believed it is every child's right to attend school. Whether they have challenges or the parents are not in a good financial position. The child not attending school is found to be a crime. So everyone makes sure that every child goes to school and they get to a acquire school. With that is what is found to be legal and accepted. Get the best malpractice attorneys for your legal needs.


The other important role that law plays is the relationship between everyone is governed. For example, in some countries, it is very illegal to be polygamous, and the ones found committing the crime they are to be taken in a court of law to get the judgment. There are also other illegal cases like those of a relationship between a father and a daughter and also that between a mother and a son. Some parents handle their children in appropriately, and it's their children's right to go ahead and report it if they are mistreated or mishandled. The other case is when the father fails to support the children.  The father is taken forward and given the rule of helping them with the correct amount and at what time. So law is fundamental.


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